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This website is part of the CodeTheCity 19: History + Data = Innovation event. It's very much a work in progress playground for extracting and presenting the historical vessel arrival information.

The source code for this dashboard is available on GitHub.

Aberdeen Harbour Arrival History

This site contains information about the arrival of vessels into Aberdeen harbour between 1914 and 1920. The data has been transcribed from harbour log books of the period.

Please read the Information page for details about the various assumptions that have been made about the data and any questions we are hoping the wider community can answer.


If the records checked is displaying 0 or none of the years contain data then it means the last data import failed due to an expected value in one of the columns.

So far non-date values in the date column have caused this problem to occur. Please check that no such values are present and hopefully it will rectify the import on the next attempt.

Transcription Progress

Records Transcribed


9680 records have been transcribed.
7844 records checked by a second person.

Last update: 28 May 2020 12:56

Arrival Records

The transcribed arrival records for each year can be viewed via the following links:

1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920

On this day in history

Today in 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920

Date Weather
28-05-1914 Thursday 28th. Very fine weather throught the day and smooth sea.
28-05-1915 Friday 28th. Same weather. Wind northerly fresh.
28-05-1916 Sunday 28th Light airs & calm throughout the day.
28-05-1917 Monday 28th. Same weather continues
Date Vessel Number Registered Port Master Registered Tonnage Port of Origin Cargo Activity Checked
28-05-1914 Spray II 1411 British Lawrence 580 Sunderland Coal Yes
28-05-1914 Utopia 1412 British Smith 64 Kirkcaldy Coal Yes
28-05-1914 Watchful 1413 British Winter 188 Wick Light Yes
28-05-1914 Aberdonian 1414 British Dowman 757 London Goods Yes
28-05-1914 Princess Maud 1415 British McKenzie 625 Dundee Goods Yes
28-05-1915 City of London 1414 British Howe 575 London Goods Yes
28-05-1915 HMS Circe 1415 British North Sea Cruising Yes
28-05-1915 HMS H2 1416 British North Sea Cruising Yes
28-05-1915 St Ninian 1417 British Gray 292 Wick Goods Yes
28-05-1915 Helmsman 1418 British Frear 206 North Sea Cruising Yes
28-05-1915 HMMS Martin 1419 British North Sea Cruising Yes
28-05-1915 HMMS Glamis Castle 1420 British North Sea Cruising Yes
28-05-1915 HMMS Consort 1421 British North Sea Cruising Yes
28-05-1915 HMMS Editor 1422 British North Sea Cruising Yes
28-05-1915 HMMS Albatross 1423 British North Sea Cruising Yes
28-05-1916 Thrift British Mackay 213 Blyth Coal
28-05-1916 St Clair British Mckenzie 349 Leith Goods
28-05-1916 HMMS Sans Pitekero SN. 172 Northsea Cruising
28-05-1916 Ilorvo/ilowo? Norwegian Sehage 687 Oxon? Esparto

Column Definitions

The date the vessel arrived at Aberdeen harbour
Name of the vessel that arrived on the date
Entry number in the log book
Registered Port
The port, or country, in which the vessel was registered at
The person or company in charge of running the vessel
Registered Tonnage
Net registered tonnage of the vessel arriving
Port of Origin
The port that the vessel sailed from to arrive at Aberdeen
What the vessel was carrying
What activity the vessel was carrying out. Note: this is extracted from the source transcribed cargo.
Has the transcription been checked by a second person